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Easily manage your WSJ University account and WSJ subscription at your fingertips. Get clear answers to your questions and manage your Journal subscription at our Customer Center.


Please note that we are currently unable to provide a list of your students who have purchased the Journal. Please refer to FAQs below for more information.

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Answers to commonly asked questions about the WSJ University program.

+ What is WSJ+?

WSJ+ is a premium membership for Wall Street Journal subscribers, offering exclusive invites to events, special offers, opportunities to win getaways, and more. There is no extra cost for WSJ+ membership. It is a complimentary addition to your Wall Street Journal subscription.

Please visit to learn more about WSJ+.

+ How much do student subscriptions cost?

Student subscription rates will vary depending on the pack purchased. Please visit Ordering Options on this page to see the rates available for our packs.

Our Educational prices are our lowest available rates, and are available to students only. Please note that, in order to ensure only eligible students take advantage of these rates, students who purchase online will have their student status verified before they can complete the order.

Also note that all student orders placed online will automatically renew at the monthly rate of $4 at the end of the initial term. Students will be notified in advance of any price increase upon graduation, and they can cancel anytime.

+ What will my students receive when they join the Journal?

Your students can now choose how they receive the Journal:
  • Student Digital Pack: this membership includes unlimited access to on desktop, WSJ mobile and tablet apps, the What's News app and WSJ+ membership.
  • Student Print + Digital Pack: this membership includes 6-day paper delivery and WSJ. Magazine, unlimited access to on desktop, WSJ mobile and tablet app, the What's News app, and WSJ+ membership.

Visit Ordering Options on this page to learn how they can join the Journal.

+ How can I obtain permission to reprint Dow Jones articles?

Visit for complete information about online or print article re-use

+ Can I provide a different address for delivery of my WSJ Weekend Edition on Saturdays?

Yes. Simply visit and select Change Weekend Address from the dropdown menu adjacent to your account.

+ Where do students and professors activate their accounts?

Students can register at; professors participating in our program can register at Your 12-digit account number is required to register your account. To obtain your account number, you may call 800-Journal or visit

+ What resources does the WSJ University Program offer students who are unfamiliar with the The Wall Street Journal?

Students can visit, designed specifically with their needs in mind. It provides an introduction to The Journal in digital and print, access to our student-focused social channels, and helpful FAQs.

+ If I can’t earn a complimentary subscription, can I purchase a WSJ subscription at educational rates?

Yes, visit to subscribe at our exclusive educational rates.

+ How can professors earn a complimentary Journal subscription?

Faculty members with new student subscribers can earn:
  • FREE six-month digital subscription to The Journal when 10 or more students purchase The Journal.
  • FREE $25 Gift Card – in addition to the six-month digital subscription – when 25 or more students purchase The Journal.
Professors will receive credit for every student Journal subscription purchased.  Please note that all student subscriptions must be purchased within the same academic term in order to earn the free subscription or Gift Card.  

+ Can I see which of my students have subscribed?

In the past you have been able to view a list of your students who have subscribed to the Journal. We are currently unable to provide this service.

We suggest that your first WSJ assignment requires students to provide you with a copy or picture of the homepage showing their name or provide you with a copy of their order verification email.

+ Will I receive credit when my students subscribe?

Yes. As they subscribe, students will indicate which professor referred them so that we can credit the professor’s account.

+ How can students subscribe to The Wall Street Journal?

The simplest way for your students to subscribe is at Visit the Ordering Information section at the bottom of this page to learn about all of our student ordering methods.

+ How can I integrate The Journal into my curriculum?

Click the Integrate tab at the top of this page to learn more about the Weekly Review emails, WSJ Assessment Tool and our Curriculum ideas. Your Educational Representative can also help you. Just visit the Contact Educational Representative section at the bottom of this page.

+ I’m having difficulty accessing - what do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your user name or password, simply visit

+ How can students and professors contact Customer Service?

Subscribers can manage their subscriptions or report delivery issues by calling 800-Journal or visiting They can also chat with Customer Service by clicking ‘Live Help’ at the bottom of the home page.


Need help with your subscription? You can contact us by calling 800-JOURNAL or by accessing our online Customer Center - just click on the link below.

WSJU Student Customer center portrayed as animated headset.


The WSJ University Faculty Guide is a convenient overview of the WSJ University program, including information about our Teaching Tools and ordering options.



For the fastest access to The Journal, your students can subscribe online at They'll have a choice of our Student Digital Pack or our Student Print + Digital Pack.


Your students can use in-class order forms to purchase our Student Print + Digital Pack.

After you send the completed forms to Customer Service, access information for will be emailed to each student and delivery of the print edition will begin in a few days.


Students can easily purchase their WSJ subscriptions at the bookstore while they’re buying textbooks. They'll have a choice of our Student Print + Digital Pack or our Student Digital Pack when they activate their subscription.


Your dedicated Educational Representative can help you easily integrate The Journal into your classes and answer your questions. To contact your representative, enter your school’s zip code and click Find.

Look Up My Educational Representative:



Students can subscribe when they’re buying textbooks. The WSJ Bookstore Package contains an access code for activating the subscription online. They’ll have the option of selecting our Student Print + Digital Pack or our Student Digital Pack.

After activating the subscription, your students will have immediate access to For those who select the Student Print + Digital Pack, delivery of the print newspaper will begin in a few days.

To adopt the WSJ Bookstore Package for your courses, ask your bookstore to call XanEdu Publishing at 800-218-5971 or fax orders to 888-802-5734.

Give your bookstore these ISBNs when ordering Bookstore Packages:

10-Week Subscription Package
ISBN-10: 1-4667-5942-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-4667-5942-8

15-Week Subscription Package
ISBN-10: 1-59399-455-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59399-455-6

1-Year Subscription Package
ISBN-10: 1-5066-4942-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-5066-4942-9