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Learn more about today’s Journal — in both print and digital — and how you can use our exclusive features to enrich, empower and engage your students.


Every subscription includes 24/7 access to, whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Your students will stay informed on events as they unfold and can take advantage of the Journal’s powerful research tools. Also, students can download our WSJ Apps designed specifically for iOS and Android, including the subscriber-only What’s News App for quick, anytime, anywhere access to the Journal. Click here to learn more.

+ Get Up To Speed

Stay current with your students. Direct them to What’s News, located at the top of the homepage. With the most important and timely news of the moment, What’s News is what your students need to know right now.

+ Simplify Their Research

Students can access news, press releases, company profiles, financials, ratings and charting information for over 30,000 companies all in one location. Simply enter the company name in the Search box in the upper right section of the home page.

+ Go Global

Your students gain a global perspective with WSJ’s international news and market data by clicking the drop-down under the Journal logo on the home page. To access company-specific news, they can click on the World tab and select the region.

+ Track The Markets

Show your students how to tap comprehensive real-time financial news and data plus interactive tools and charts by clicking on the Markets tab.
The Wall Street Journal digital products on desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Students who purchase the Student Print + Digital Pack will receive reliable and insightful content from the Journal with six-day newspaper delivery. A glance at the headlines gives them an overview of the day’s most important news, while delving into each section’s will enrich their understanding of your course concepts.

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For the fastest access to The Journal, your students can subscribe online at They'll have a choice of our Student Digital Pack or our Student Print + Digital Pack.


Your students can use in-class order forms to purchase our Student Print + Digital Pack.

After you send the completed forms to Customer Service, access information for will be emailed to each student and delivery of the print edition will begin in a few days.


Students can easily purchase their WSJ subscriptions at the bookstore while they’re buying textbooks. They'll have a choice of our Student Print + Digital Pack or our Student Digital Pack when they activate their subscription.


Your dedicated Educational Representative can help you easily integrate The Journal into your classes and answer your questions. To contact your representative, enter your school’s zip code and click Find.

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Students can subscribe when they’re buying textbooks. The WSJ Bookstore Package contains an access code for activating the subscription online. They’ll have the option of selecting our Student Print + Digital Pack or our Student Digital Pack.

After activating the subscription, your students will have immediate access to For those who select the Student Print + Digital Pack, delivery of the print newspaper will begin in a few days.

To adopt the WSJ Bookstore Package for your courses, ask your bookstore to call XanEdu Publishing at 800-218-5971 or fax orders to 888-802-5734.

Give your bookstore these ISBNs when ordering Bookstore Packages:

10-Week Subscription Package
ISBN-10: 1-4667-5942-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-4667-5942-8

15-Week Subscription Package
ISBN-10: 1-59399-455-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59399-455-6

1-Year Subscription Package
ISBN-10: 1-5066-4942-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-5066-4942-9